"Thank you for the great gift. It was very thoughtful of you to think of me during this exciting time."
-Jennifer Garner

"Britney Spears asked me to pass along her thanks to you for the baby messenger bag filled with all the little essentials you sent to her. She thought it was very sweet and wanted to pass on her thanks."
- Britney Brands

"The NikkiChris onesies from the Delivery System are my favorite! They are so nice and so much better quality than any other ones, plus so pretty on my baby girl."
- Michelle Keene, Co-author, "Babies by the Bay"

"I can highly recommend this newborn kit (lot's of value for the price!). Even though our son is not a newborn anymore, I still use lots of the pieces.

My favourite part of the kit was the T-shirts (loved them!!) Because all you need for your newborn is a T-shirt, diapers and a swaddle blanket. Actually, I didn't need much more when I came home from the hospital. I'm glad the set came with various styles (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, night gown, etc.). I was even trying to buy more T-shirts like these, but very difficult to find!

The cotton was very soft and of excellent quality. I washed them very often with my Miele washing machine at 170 degrees. The held up just great!

Overall, was very happy to have this kit. I felt well prepared to bring my newborn home."
- Claudia Holfelder Sunnyvale, California

"As a first-time mom, it was really difficult to decide on what I really needed to have on hand right away to care for my newborn. The NikkiChris Special Delivery System, was the answer. It has everything that a new mom needs, all organized and ready to go. What a life (and time) saver!"
- Diane Shullman, Miami Florida

"Every expectant mom should have one of these. As a full-time working mom to-be, the Special Delivery System was my one-stop resource for all the little necessities for my baby. The layette is SO soft and yet, maintained extremely well. Thank you for creating such a helpful, well thought out and well-made product!"
- Nancy Sannino, New Canaan, Connecticut